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a few reasons you should get this

Create Your Own Forms

It doesn’t matter if you just need the phone number in your login and signup form or want a combination of both email and phone or some other fields; want only One Time Passcode and no password, or want both, don’t worry you can have whatever field button you want.


// you can even have user register without OTP and Password both //

Some of the Combinations

Custom Fields Support

With 20+ custom field types to chose from, you can create your forms with all the details you want.


Rename Easily

Some call it OTP, some call it One Time Passcode, some even write it as 一次密码 , so we’ve taken care of this by making all of our fields and buttons easy to rename.

Design Your Forms

Easily stylise your login/signup page or popup forms with the builder or our native styler. So, it’s totally on you, if you want to spend 10 seconds to create your login/signup form or want to spend hours editing the smallest detail possible

Drag and Drop

Show your creativity by designing the pages and popups and make your login and signup experience beautiful with 50+ elements and thousands of options and combinations available.

Elementor Support

Show your creativity by designing the pages and popups and make your login and signup experience beautiful with 50+ elements and thousands of options and combinations available.

Preset Designs


Modal/Popup Forms for Login and Signup


Create Different Forms for Different User Roles


AJAX Forms for Fast & Seamless Experience


Motion Effects


Fully Customizable with Drag & Drop Builder


Responsive and Retina

Create Customer from WooCommerce Add Order Page in Admin Panel

create-customer-on-orderAdd new orderOrder #321 detailsCREATE NEW CUSTOMER

WhatsApp Support

Send OTP message on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Business API

Play Video

Fully Compatible with Old Users

It doesn’t matter even if you have an existing website.

Our forms will also work with your old email/username and password method, and you can migrate your users to make them use our modern system if you want. 

Migrate your users with a click, even from multiple countries with our smart country detection.

WPML & Translation Ready

Digits comes with translations into some major languages and easy to add new languages and is WPML compatible

RTL Support

RTL support allows you to use languages such as Arabic, Persian which are written right to left

نحن ندعم اللغة من اليمين الى اليسار

Features Don't End Here

Few More Reasons Digits is perfect for you


Password Reset with OTP

add user

Add User from Backend


Change Message Template

disable registration


multiple forms

Create Multiple Login & Signup Forms


Set Whitelisted and Blacklisted Countries


Disable/Enable Password




Signup, Login, Logout Custom Redirect



auto country detect

Auto Detect Country Code


Ask Phone Number from Old Users

export import

Export-Import Forms and Settings


Auto Detect Country Code


Search User with Phone Number

WordPress Default Form Integration


All Major 3rd Party Forms Integration


WooCommerce Checkout Integration

and hundreds of other features, settings and combinations which you can use.

We Don't Collect Any Data.

Free doesn’t always mean that you have to compromise on something. We don’t take or keep any of your user data. You own your gateway account, even the free one.

Get it for your WordPress website

with Free Unlimited SMS