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Some Unbelievable Questions

Is this for real?

Yes. Everything is for real until and unless you’re from North Korea.

Really! Everything just for the price of plugin?

Totally. You’ll not have to pay a dime to use OTP SMS. No gimmicks involved.

Lifetime free! You must be joking.

Believe us. There is no joke involved. You’ll get this for lifetime with free updates and OTP SMS

Are you sure, I'll not have to pay anything!

Pinch yourself. You are living in reality, we’ll not ask you to pay anything.

This doesn't look real at all. Why would you give it for free!

We think Facebook and Google are pretty big companies to hold your belief. They give us for free and we share it with you.

Don't we have to pay for OTP SMS we use?

No, you don’t have to. Just use Account Kit or Firebase as the SMS gateway and you’re free to go.

Some Of The Better Ones

Are there any limit for free OTP SMS?

We provide two SMS gateways for free. Facebook’s Account Kit and Google’s Firebase,

Account Kit
100,000 SMS  per month
20,000 SMS per month (10k for US, Canada, India and 10k for all other countries)

So here Account Kit comes with 100,000 and Firebase has a 20,000 limit for a month. So practically speaking, 120,000 turns out to be around 4000 OTP SMS per day, which is more than enough for most websites.

Is it compatible with WooCommerce?

Digits is 100% compatible with WooCommerce, your users can easily register to your website, easily place an order, have their account created on checkout, you can easily create customer account from back-end. In short its fully compatible.

Just want users to register with mobile number, without OTP

This is totally possible. You can easily disable OTP from the settings and then you’re users will be able to register with Mobile and Password. Same for login.

What about my old users, is it compatible with them?

Old users are totally compatible with Digits. They can easily login with their old credentials, and once logged in they can also add their mobile number to the account so that from the next time they can have privilege of using OTP login.

Is my theme compatible?

Yes, digits is compatible with each and every WordPress theme out there.

Is my country supported?

Yes. Until and unless you’re from North Korea.

Do you support paid SMS gateways?

Yes, we do. We have about 20+ paid SMS gateways. If you feel like the one you prefer is missing, then please get in touch with us for its integration.

I also want to have social login.

You can install any of the social login plugin and it will get integrated with Digits automatically. Some of them recommended by us are Nextend Social LoginAccessPress Social LoginYith Social Login