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22 October 2019 – Version: 6.10

  • New: Africas Talking SMS Gateway
  • New: Alibaba (Go China) SMS Gateway
  • New: IBulkSMS Gateway
  • New: SendInBlue SMS Gateway
  • New: Alpha Cell SMS Gateway
  • New: Infobip SMS Gateway
  • New: Country code blacklist
  • New: Option to change mobile phone number formatting
  • Improved: Phone number formatting
  • Improved: Translation
  • Improved: Mobile field for RTL
  • Improved: Compatibility with step checkout plugins
  • Improved: Conflict detector for plugins using same libraries
  • Improved: Performance &  Speed of logic builder addon
  • Fixed: OR alignment between buttons
  • Fixed: Username not getting generated from name in WC checkout
  • Fixed: Cross button missing from logic builder
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Ultimate Member when not using WC
  • Fixed: User role not working when having special character in its name
  • Fixed: WC functions conflict with some plugins
  • Fixed: Mobile number logic not working in some cases
  • Fixed: Login with OTP redirecting to home page
  • Fixed: Field validation after sending OTP on WC account page
  • Fixed: Unable to change display name from frontend

11 August 2019 – Version: 6.9

  • New: Multi-Lingual SMS template (with country based addon)
  • New: Option to generate username from email
  • New: Amazon SNS (AWS) Gateway
  • New: gateway
  • New: Gateway
  • New: Gateway
  • New: TargetSMS Gateway
  • New: Better checkout account creation UX
  • Improved: Russian translations
  • Improved: Msg91 API integration
  • Fixed: Login with OTP button missing in BBPress
  • Fixed: Duplicate fields in checkout
  • Fixed: Hide country code setting not showing
  • Fixed: OTP field missing in buddypress in rare cases
  • Fixed: Old account migrator add button color
  • Fixed: Conflicts with plugins using wc_create_user function
  • Fixed: Ultimate Member not working when mobile number field not added in reg form
  • Fixed: Pagelock addon having scroll issues on iOS

13 July 2019 – Version: 6.8.4

  • Improved: Added link back to homepage on digits login page site logo
  • Improved: Mobile number accepts pasting number with formatting
  • Fixed: Input border getting removed when field in focus
  • Fixed: Empty Firebase API making settings page unresponsive
  • Fixed: Account kit verification when using Ultimate Member
  • Fixed: Back button redirecting to login page

11 July 2019 – Version: 6.8.3

  • Improved: Firebase API setting supports full script copy paste
  • Improved: Name field automatically changes to “First Name” when Last Name field is added
  • Improved: Email field now accepts apostrophe (eg. nam’[email protected])
  • Improved: OTP field supports copy paste
  • Improved: Digits menu position in admin panel is not above users
  • Fixed: Custom fields not getting saved when WC not installed
  • Fixed: Console warnings
  • Fixed: WC use of strong password not getting disabled
  • Fixed: Incorrect preset name coming after saving
  • Fixed: Errors in WP health page due to curl bug
  • Fixed: Custom registration fields not coming in default WordPress registration

23 June 2019 – Version: 6.8.2

  • Improved: wp-login.php integration is OFF by default
  • Improved: Addon translation
  • Fixed: WP Rocket compatibility when using defer js
  • Fixed: get_current_user_role conflict
  • Fixed: Addons on deactivating on multisite
  • Fixed: IUMP registration with AccountKit
  • Fixed: Ultimate Member registration with AccountKit
  • Fixed: Login with mobile number and password
  • Fixed: Registration not working with checkbox field
  • Fixed: Last Name not getting saved in rare cases
  • Fixed: Conflicts with flatsome theme
  • Fixed: Submit OTP button text change for Reset Password

25 May 2019 – Version: 6.8.1

  • Improved: No password notification on pass change with OTP
  • Fixed: Depreciated jQuery functions
  • Fixed: Field sorting not working in wc username & pass
  • Fixed: Login with mobile number starting with 0
  • Fixed: Country code in username when user created from checkout
  • Fixed: UM form account kit mobile check if changed in modal

15 May 2019 – Version: 6.8

  • New: Netgsm Gateway
  • New: Name fields optional in create account backend order page 
  • Improved: Russian translations
  • Improved: Updated MSG91 API
  • Improved: Preset slider
  • Improved: Checkbox color not changing with text color
  • Improved: Firebase error message on my-account page
  • Improved: Changed SMS template setting location under Gateway
  • Fixed: Non translatable strings
  • Fixed: Login not working in some cases when same mobile and username
  • Fixed: Guest checkout not working with Merge phone addon
  • Fixed: Extra profile fields getting deleted when deleting field
  • Fixed: Country code in username when user created from checkout page

03 May 2019 – Version: 6.7

  • New: ADNSMS Gateway
  • New: WC Marketplace support
  • Improved: Gateway test response width
  • Improved: Error message when user click checkout without signup
  • Fixed: Required field check in checkout before OTP
  • Fixed: ?> coming in BP form
  • Fixed: Mobile number verification failed when using merge billing addon
  • Fixed: Field sorting not working 
  • Fixed: Loading icon not coming on page redirect

20 April 2019 – Version: 6.6.1

  • Improved: Username generation options
  • Improved: Unicode support in nexmo
  • Fixed: Firebase crashing settings page
  • Fixed: RTL issue in OTP box
  • Fixed: Firebase only having 4 digits OTP input
  • Fixed: Test API button not working
  • Fixed: Password reset email on new user signup

15 April 2019 – Version: 6.6

  • New: Country Based SMS Gateway Addon
  • New: Forced Login Page Lock Addon
  • New: Alibaba SMS Gateway
  • New: Option to hide country code field
  • New: Remember Me option
  • New: Chinese translations
  • Fixed: Submit OTP button hiding when pressing enter
  • Fixed: WC my account page not ignoring 0 before number
  • Fixed: Addon update button not working 
  • Fixed: Loading icon missing in account kit modal redirect

10 April 2019 – Version: 6.5

  • New: Old Account Migrator Addon
  • New: Merge Phone Number Addon
  • New: One Click Login/Signup Addon
  • New: Additional Fields & Logic Builder Addon
  • New: Email Filter Addon
  • New: Full WPML compatibility
  • New: Admin can save user without required field restriction
  • Improved: Color picker
  • Improved: Menu item rendering
  • Improved: Modal height adaptiveness
  • Fixed: BP registrations
  • Fixed: Save button not working when fields position changed 
  • Fixed: Input box rendering when using custom class
  • Fixed: JS getting corrupted when using captcha
  • Fixed: Only text of menu item was clickable

28 March 2019 – Version: 6.4.2

  • Improved: Account Kit checks for user registration before sending OTP
  • Improved: Added option to remove /wp-login.php integration
  • Improved: Default logout redirect set to homepage
  • Fixed: Errors while adding user from backend
  • Fixed: Incorrect mobile/email already in use error
  • Fixed: Login with OTP button coming on wp-login.php even after disabling 

15 March 2019 – Version: 6.4.1

  • Improved: Arabic translations
  • Improved: Dutch translation included
  • Improved: Option to select between modal/popup in Account Kit
  • Improved: Checkbox in RTL
  • Improved: RTL button alignment in wp-login.php
  • Fixed: Label overlapping input in autofill condition
  • Fixed: Removed option to change OTP size from firebase as they dont allow
  • Fixed: Username getting prefilled when incorrect mobile login attempt

11 March 2019 – Version: 6.4

  • New: gateway
  • New: TextLocal gateway
  • New: Account Kit Popup changed to Modal
  • Improved: Selected countries UI in settings
  • Improved: Account Kit error messages
  • Improved: Blocked page scroll on modal
  • Improved: /wp-login.php button UI
  • Fixed: Mobile number fired non WC checkout sort in some websites
  • Fixed: IUMP signup error
  • Fixed: Expand button getting disappeared when hiding customizer
  • Fixed: Account kit not working with IUMP
  • Fixed: WP redirection issue
  • Fixed: Duplicate php function on /wp-login.php
  • Fixed: Loading icon behind modal

15 February 2019 – Version: 6.3.2

  • Improved: Compatibility with more login forms
  • Improved: Modal Scrollbar
  • Improved: RTL Settings
  • Fixed: Sometimes no country code coming on page load
  • Fixed: Sort order when adding new custom fields
  • Fixed: WooCommerce fields placeholder
  • Fixed: Modal not closing on iOS devices
  • Fixed: Migration from customer to vendor in Dokan
  • Fixed: Field padding on /wp-admin page

08 February 2019 – Version: 6.3.1

  • Improved: /wp-admin page UI
  • Improved: WPTouch compatbility
  • Fixed: PHP warnings 
  • Fixed: Locale
  • Fixed: js issue on login

24 January 2019 – Version: 6.3

  • New: WordPress default form compatibility
  • New: OTP SMS on WhatsApp support from Account Kit
  • New: bbPress compatibility
  • New: Option to export/import settings
  • Improved: Russian translations
  • Improved: CSS style with some themes
  • Fixed: Username issue on WC login
  • Fixed: OTP field input from European keyboards

13 January 2019 – Version: 6.2.2

  • Improved: Form style
  • Improved: Default country code working
  • Improved: Padding in errors
  • Improved: Submit OTP will now work with enter
  • Improved: Scrollbar style for firefox
  • Fixed: Buttons not working in setting when firebase settings are empty
  • Fixed: Country code field overlapping mobile number in some themes
  • Fixed: CSS file 404 error in console

03 January 2019 – Version: 6.2.1

  • Improved: Translations now include country names
  • Improved: Updated Twilio API
  • Improved: Settings page responsiveness
  • Fixed: Custom CSS not working
  • Fixed: OTP input field missing from woocommerce’s login page in some themes
  • Fixed: Color picker library producing error on some websites
  • Fixed: Mobile padding issue on some iOS devices
  • Fixed: Settings not getting saved when firebase API were incorrect

22 December 2018 – Version: 6.2

  • New: Form fields repositioning
  • Improved: New IP based location detection system
  • Improved: Settings page UI
  • Improved: Plugin registration on subsites is now automatic
  • Fixed: Duplicate custom fields in add new user backend
  • Fixed: Extra + symbol on IUMP phone field
  • Fixed: IUMP registration not working on some websites
  • Fixed: Login error messages
  • Fixed: Wrong values being displayed in custom fields in wp profile page

15 December 2018 – Version: 6.1.1

  • Improved: Ultimate Membership Pro now uses “Phone Number” field
  • Fixed: New shortcodes not working
  • Fixed: Terms and Conditions checkbox UI
  • Fixed: Email login not working for some websites
  • Fixed: Account Kit requiring another click after OTP submission
  • Fixed: UMP not working for some users
  • Fixed: Invalid email error
  • Fixed: Incorrect mobile number already in use error
  • Fixed: Menu items bug

18 November 2018 – Version: 6.1

  • New: Option to add captcha in login form
  • New: Melipayamak SMS Gateway
  • Improved: Shortcode naming
  • Improved: Ultimate Member compatibility
  • Fixed: Login with 0 not working on woocommerce page
  • Fixed: Some instances facing issues with signup form
  • Fixed: Incorrect Theophilus  preset value
  • Fixed: Multisite activation Fixeded
  • Fixed: Registration menu getting disappeared from admin panel
  • Fixed: Terms and condition checkbox color
  • Fixed: Email signup without password
  • Fixed: Captcha not working

13 November 2018 – Version: 6.0.4

  • Improved: GeoIP API changed
  • Improved: Linked logo to homepage
  • Improved: Plugin will unregister itself on uninstallation
  • Improved: Changed Activate tab name to Register
  • Fixed: Login with initial zero not working when using password
  • Fixed: Add user with mobile number not working with custom admin
  • Fixed: Both WC and WP emails being sent on registration

3 November 2018 – Version: 6.0.3

  • Improved: Timeout in freegeoip
  • Improved: Localization for country names
  • Improved: Mobile page UI
  • Improved: Settings page UI
  • Fixed: Api settings error message
  • Fixed: Login not working with space in username
  • Fixed: Zero not getting ignored in AccountKit
  • Fixed: Firebase OTP size issue
  • Fixed: Element close tag
  • Fixed: Firebase not working in some conditions

25 October 2018 – Version: 6.0.2

  • Improved: Firebase SDK updated to latest version
  • Fixed: Firebase console errors

25 October 2018 – Version: 6.0.1

  • Fixed: Duplicate user role selector in add user backend

24 October 2018 – Version: 6.0

  • New: Login/Signup page and modal design
  • New: Settings UI
  • New: Provision for addons
  • New: Test API settings
  • New: Woocommerce/Wordpress fields as custom fields
  • New: User role selector custom field
  • New: Kaleyra SMS Gateway
  • New: Zero before mobile number will be automatically ignored
  • New: Curl check before plugin is activated to avoid fatal errors
  • New: Custom registration fields in backend add new user
  • New: Added new custom fields
  • Improved: User Interface
  • Improved: Radiobox, checkbox will use line break
  • Improved: Hide OTP Size when gateway is firebase or account kit
  • Fixed: Menu item bug
  • Fixed: Password change emails being sent on new registration for some websites
  • Fixed: Custom fields were not getting saved with some particular meta key
  • Fixed: WC forgot password line after form submission
  • Fixed: Mobile number not getting saved when adding user from backend
  • Fixed: Custom field not getting saved when using foreign characters in label
  • Fixed: Please fill all details when password was disabled for some websites
  • Fixed: Register with password coming even when disabled for some websites
  • Fixed: Login not using remember me option when logged in with OTP
  • Fixed: Register with OTP coming when password disabled

7 August 2018 – Version: 5.3

  • New: WC add order can search user with mobile number
  • Improved: Check user registration before sending OTP
  • Improved: PHP warnings
  • Improved: WooCommerce compatibility with latest version
  • Improved: GDPR compliance with WordPress
  • Fixed: Custom field required text not changing in backend
  • Fixed: Save button not working when just changing custom CSS
  • Fixed: Firebase captcha on custom built page
  • Fixed: Custom fields padding
  • Fixed: Firebase integration with some websites
  • Fixed: Placeholder issues in some themes
  • Fixed: Forgot Password when OTP is invalid
  • Fixed: Select color dropdown
  • Fixed: Dropdown detault value
  • Fixed: Signup button not coming in rare cases
  • Fixed: Submit OTP issues in some cases

22 June 2018 – Version: 5.2.4

  • Improved: Forgot password email now uses WC link if WC installed
  • Fixed: Clickatell API not working

20 June 2018 – Version: 5.2.3

  • Improved: GDPR Compatibility
  • Improved: Logout translation added
  • Improved: Forgot Password
  • Improved: Changed default OTP size from 4 to 5
  • Improved: Label setting when using RTL
  • Improved: WC Compatibility
  • Improved: Country code support
  • Fixed: Mobile number field coming in login when its disabled
  • Fixed: Reseting password using forgot password
  • Fixed: Registration field error when login with mobile is disabled
  • Fixed: Admin cannot edit his own mobile number from wp edit user
  • Fixed: Not more than 1 checkbox value is selected
  • Fixed: WC checkout was also accepting mail when mob was required
  • Fixed: Mobily bug
  • Fixed: Some PHP warnings
  • Fixed: Login Modal box height
  • Fixed: Firebase WC checkout not working

25 May 2018 – Version: 5.2.2

  • Improved: WP submit button alignment
  • Improved: Bootstrap framework themes compatibility
  • Improved: WP username sanitation
  • Improved: Form re-submission without page refresh
  • Fixed: Firebase ajax submit issues with other plugins
  • Fixed: HTML issue in custom fields
  • Fixed: Invalid email error for domains like .world
  • Fixed: Mobile number required even when set to option on some websites
  • Fixed: BuddyPress profile link
  • Fixed: WC login password field issue in checkout page
  • Fixed: Mobile number not accepted if larger than 32bit

10 May 2018 – Version: 5.2.1

  • Improved: Modal login
  • Improved: Billing supoprt in RTL languages
  • Fixed: Account kit locale translation issue
  • Fixed: Signup modal not showing signup with password
  • Fixed: Label issues on wc my account page
  • Fixed: Unifonic gateway bug
  • Fixed: Issue with input fields on mobile with some themes
  • Fixed: WP user page validation bugs

7 May 2018 – Version: 5.2

  • New: Unifonic SMS Gateway
  • New: Persian language translations
  • Improved: Compatibility with checkout page
  • Improved: Separated username field in add user page backend
  • Improved: Changed WC forgot pass description line
  • Improved: Translations
  • Fixed: WC error messages coming in header
  • Fixed: Mobile number login cache issue
  • Fixed: Opacity on login modal overlay
  • Fixed: Firebase verification failed error

29 April 2018 – Version: 5.1.1

  • Fixed: Error message when mobile number is not entered
  • Fixed: RTL languages
  • Fixed: AccountKit not loading issue with unsupported languages
  • Fixed: Duplicate id dig_nounce warning
  • Fixed: WC username login sometimes showing invalid password

23 April 2018 – Version: 5.1

  • Improved: RTL support
  • Improved: Forgot password compatibility with themes
  • Fixed: Custom fields required option not updating
  • Fixed: Facebook Account Kit SDK loading issue
  • Fixed: Password reset not showing js error
  • Fixed: Submit button on password reset showing submit OTP
  • Fixed: Resend OTP Button after verifying OTP

20 April 2018 – Version: 5.0.5

  • Fixed: BuddyPress registration
  • Fixed: WooCommerce front-end account details bug

16 April 2018 – Version: 5.0.4

  • Fixed: PHP Warnings
  • Fixed: Firebase Signature verification failed error

13 April 2018 – Version: 5.0.3

  • Fixed: Country code appearing on WooCommerce Email Field
  • Fixed: Configuration wizard not saving on some websites

13 April 2018 – Version: 5.0.2

  • Improved: Settings page UI
  • Improved: Social login plugins compatibility
  • Improved: Country code input box
  • Fixed: Signup Button Border
  • Fixed: Registration issues with some themes
  • Fixed: Email field hiding on signup page
  • Fixed: Country code field width on iOS
  • Fixed: Mobile number always used as username
  • Fixed: Dropdown css issue
  • Fixed: Country code appearing in email fields
  • Fixed: Invalid OTP error on some websites

11 April 2018 – Version: 5.0.1

  • Improved: WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Fixed: Custom fields delete button not working
  • Fixed: Dokan plugin compatibility
  • Fixed: Error while generating username bug

7 April 2018 – Version: 5.0

  • New: Custom Fields for forms
  • New: Google Firebase integration
  • New: Change OTP resent time
  • New: Option to disable registration
  • New: Option to disable OTP
  • New: Option to use strong password
  • Improved: Color picker
  • Improved: Compatibility with themes
  • Fixed: Mail sending issue on some websites
  • Fixed: Page not found redirect issue on login page
  • Fixed: Theme overriding menu buttons
  • Fixed: IUMP registration bug on some websites
  • Fixed: Save button not working on some websites
  • Fixed: Shortcode alignment
  • Fixed: Log In and Log Out URL issue on some websites
  • Fixed: Input label
  • Fixed: Modal and Registration box height
  • Fixed: Invalid Account Kit ID error
  • Fixed: Multiple js script localize variables

18 January 2018 – Version: 4.1.10

  • Fixed: PHP warnings when using WP in debug mode
  • Fixed: Login Modal Height
  • Fixed: Cookies already set bug
  • Fixed: Invalid OTP error on some websites
  • Fixed: Translations
  • Fixed: Resend button alignment on RTL
  • Fixed: Height for Login Page Modal
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with some themes
  • Fixed: Error message pop-up not dismissing bug
  • Fixed: Text issues with error message pop-up
  • Fixed: password invalid bug when clicked on sign-up with password on some websites
  • Improved: Button will change to Submit OTP after OTP is sent
  • Improved: Login page alignments
  • Improved: Login page UI on small screens

15 December 2017 – Version: 4.1.9

  • Fixed: js error
  • Fixed: Color change option not working on WordPress customizer

31 November 2017 – Version: 4.1.8

  • Improved: Registration form alignment
  • Improved: Added + symbol in billing mobile (for back-end)
  • Improved: WooCommerce mobile and email field title changed to Billing Mobile and Billing Email
  • Fixed: Modal box not working in mobile devices
  • Fixed: Responsiveness for RTL language in mobile
  • Fixed: Translation bug
  • Fixed : Custom redirect not working on some websites

10 November 2017 – Version: 4.1.7

  • New: Option to have email as a required field
  • Improved: WooCommerce forms compatibility
  • Fixed: Registration button not working properly on WooCommerce forms
  • Fixed: Translation bug

7 November 2017 – Version: 4.1.6

  • Improved: Compatibility with themes
  • Fixed: SMS not working properly
  • Fixed: CSS issue with some themes

21 October 2017 – Version: 4.1.5

  • Fixed: Ajax conflict with other plugins

13 October 2017 – Version: 4.1.4

  • Improved: WC support on checkout
  • Fixed: Registration bug on checkout and minor Fixedes

12 October 2017 – Version: 4.1.3

  • Improved: Multi-site compatibility
  • Fixed: Default style colors not coming properly
  • Fixed: WooCommerce user mobile number edit issue
  • Fixed: WooCommerce registration username bug

10 October 2017 – Version: 4.1.2

  • New: Option to choose mobile number as username
  • New: Shortcode for Login, Register and Forgot Password Page
  • Improved: Login/Signup form alignment in RTL Language websites.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce billing issue
  • Fixed: Ultimate Membership Pro country code issue
  • Fixed: Default preset bug
  • Fixed: Checkout page user role bug

9 October 2017 – Version: 4.1.1

  • New: Support for RTL (Right to Left) Languages
  • Improved: Compatibility with Ultimate Member
  • Fixed: Forgot password bug when using rest api gateways
  • Fixed: WooCommerce billing and shipping field country code bug
  • Fixed: Duplicate Country code bug in WooCommerce billing and shipping mobile

2 October 2017 – Version: 4.1

  • New: 9 New SMS Gateways (Clickatell, Clicksend, ClockworkSMS, MessageBird,, Nexmo, Pilvo, SMSAPI, Yunpian)
  • New: Msg91 now supports both Transactional and SendOTP routes
  • Improved: Modal UI
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Checkout Mobile Field UI bug Fixed
  • Fixed: Login Box center alignment
  • Fixed: Modal height with social login icons

14 September 2017 – Version: 4.0.1

  • Fixed: Preset design bug
  • Fixed: Ultimate Membership Pro Bug

12 September 2017 – Version: 4.0

  • New: All new UI
  • New: Many new features to fully customize login page
  • New: Login page presets
  • New: Custom redirect
  • New: Simple configuration wizard
  • New: Custom CSS
  • New: Logout shortcode
  • New: Social login compatibility in modal login box
  • New: Compatible with WooCommerce Auto Generate Password
  • Improved: Login page animation
  • Improved: Mobile number formatting with country code across all WooCommerce fields
  • Improved: Notice. Error, Alert popup and boxes
  • Improved: Compatibility with WooCommerce Username
  • Fixed: WooCommerce redirect bug
  • Fixed: jQuery bug Fixed
  • Fixed: YITH Wishlist compatibility

12 August 2017 – Version: 3.0.3

  • Fixed: Activation button not working on some websites

26 July 2017 – Version: 3.0.2

  • Fixed: Translation bug
  • Fixed: WooCommerce not sending singup email

24 July 2017 – Version: 3.0.1

  • Fixed: Checkout popup not working sometimes
  • Fixed: Page refresh when clicking on Signup with OTP

22 July 2017 – Version: 3.0

  • New: Translation Support
  • New: Auto-Update, instantly from our servers (No need to wait for codecanyon 2 day review process to get any update)
  • Improved: Buddypress compatibility
  • Improved: Ultimate Membership Pro compatibility
  • Fixed: Registration bug in Russian language
  • Fixed: WooCommerce forgot password bug, when using email
  • Fixed: Forgot password confirmation message
  • Fixed: WooCommerce checkout bug when user is not created
  • Fixed: WooCommerce css bug Fixeded
  • Fixed: WordPress add user not working sometimes
  • Fixed: Account Kit popup not working sometimes

7 July 2017 – Version: 2.2.1

  • Fixed: WooCommerce checkout

30 June 2017 – Version: 2.2

  • Improved: Msg91 Sender ID Limit
  • Fixed: Backend add user mobile field bug

29 June 2017 – Version: 2.1

  • Fixed: MSG91 signin bug Fixed
  • Fixed: Account Kit signup bug Fixed

26 June 2017 – Version: 2.0

  • New: Paid SMS Gateway Support (Twilio and Msg91)
  • New: Enable/Disable email in signup and login
  • New: Enable/Disable password in signup and login
  • New: Option to disable forgot password
  • New: Account creation on WooCommerce checkout page compatibility
  • New: Ultimate Membership Pro compatibility
  • New: WordPress default add new user compatibility
  • New: Compulsory use of strong password disabled
  • New: Option to change required fields between mobile number and email on WooCommerce billing page
  • New: More shortcodes
  • New: Menu Item Translations
  • Improved: Performance
  • Improved: Signup/Login page UI
  • Improved: User Interface
  • Improved: Use of default country code
  • Fixed: Menu Item UI
  • Fixed: Country code box
  • Fixed: Default country code not working in some cases
  • Fixed: User edit details bug
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

27 May 2017 – Version: 1.2

  • Fixed: Configuration options not saving in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Some other bug Fixedes

14 May 2017 – Version: 1.1

  • New: Add New User from Admin Bar (Backend)
  • New: Default Country
  • New: Whitelisted Countries
  • Fixed: Redirect after SignUp
  • Fixed: SignUp page text alignment
  • Fixed: User-role not being assigned properly

1 May 2017 – Version: 1.0

  • New: Initial Release



– Biggest Update
Will contain extensive feature addition or something very important as a feature

X.X – Major Update
These are released when new feature is added to the plugin

X.X.X – Regular Update
These updates include bug fixes and improvements

X.X.X.X – Minor Release
Minor release generally includes small bugs and bugs not affecting everyone. Changelog for minor release is not maintained and is included in Regular Update changelog